AMF are constantly developing new models and construction methods.  Keep an eye on the developments page for these!  Also any available second had AMF's will be posted here.


AMF RIB (QRV - Quick Response Vessel)

AMF are developing a range of RIB vessels, known as the AMF QRV.  From 5.8M to 14M with inboard and outboard drive systems available, along with jet drives!  These heavy duty Aluminium RIB's are suitable for uses such as Coastguard, search and rescue, Pilot vessel, Police vessel, fire fighting, military or high speed pleasure cruising boats.


AMF are capable of producing Alloy yachts.  Round bilges are not a problem for the expert fabricator!  So any yacht enquires are more than welcome!


AMF have recently had designed a 40ft trawler yacht which is currently under construction.  Tralwer yachts apear to be coming back into fashion due to their relaxing nature and comfort values. 

The kit for this trawler yacht has been CAD cut and is being pieced together as spare time allows.

Keep an eye out for progress on the trawler yacht.  AMF will post pictures on the web site when available.


 There has been a huge interest in the AMF front loading ramp barges over the past 12 months, with number 4 recently rolling off the production line.  This latest AMF Kraite 750 is destined for the Department of Conservation in the Bay of Islands for reaching remote islands with equipment, flora and even for moving stock or vehicles!

Powered by twin outboard engines, the barges have huge manoueverability along with stability.  A slight vee in the hull allows for excellent handling even at high speeds!

Normally built with a small aft console, the DoC opted for an enclosed wheelhouse for comfort.

So if you are in need of a barge, weather it be for moving tractors, diggers, people, stock or even for a filming paltform, give us a call, remember we custom build.


AMF recently built an enclosed shark cage for their client in the Chatham Islands which featured on TV3 in the Great White documentary along with the 12M Commercial cray fishing/charter boat built for Tim & Sarah Gregory-Hunt.  Check it out on www.starkeys.co.nz



AMF have the capabilities to carrying out rebuild or refit work on Aluminium vessels.  An example of this was the recent rebuild of the Pitcairn Island boat "O'Leary" with a new power plant and drive system fitted along with a major overhaul.



Aluminium fabrication work such as fuel fabrication or Aluminium structures are also capabilites of the AMF factory, with skilled ticketed welders and machinery available including a press brake.






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